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About Talula


Purely Plant Powered

Talula products are like health food for your skin, powered by fruits, flowers and botanicals. We are committed to a world which respects and treats animals kindly, so we never use animal-derivatives in our products (that means no milk, honey, gelatin or beeswax). Our cruelty free and 100% vegan products use as few ingredients as possible, each one carefully chosen for its contribution to your skin's beauty and wellness.

A Green Sensibility

At Talula, we celebrate nature's treasures with eco-friendly packaging. From recyclable glass and paper – to our labels made from powdered stone – to our biodegradable gloves used when creating products, environment stewardship is at the forefront of everything we do. No synthetic colors or fragrances, no pumps or plastics – just healthy, nourishing skin and body care that honors the natural world and our place in it.

Mindfulness & Meaning

Talula products are made with the intention of a greener, simpler, more peaceful world. Using organic, natural ingredients, our botanical skin and body care products are made to offer a moment of self love and self care, whether nurturing the face, soothing sore muscles or polishing the teeth without chemicals. Moving through the world with compassion, a light footprint and non-harming are the foundation of what we do.


I'm taking a break from selling my products while I complete a recipe book. Below are some of the products that will be included in the book – and future classes!