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A Healing Journey


In a world inundated with toxins, from our food to our furniture and everything in between, I began to opt out of the synthetic product cycle almost 20 years ago by making my own soap. Cold process infused with tea and flowers, melt and pour with embedded stones, chakra soaps. 

As my product scope expanded - through a multitude of classes in the Bay Area, CA - I realized all skin and body care products could be made with the healing botanicals of nature. From powders and butters and oils – to the essential oil of plants which are truly tinctures of healing – I began to make my own balms, salves, lotions, creams and scrubs. What a delight to control and know what's in what you put on your body! 

In 2017 I completed a 200 hour Aromatherapy Certification course so I could more mindfully incorporate essential oils into my products. A year later, I completed a yoga teacher training, and together they lay the foundation of my wellness practice. 

I hope you'll stay close to Talula for a roadmap to natural healing and botanical beauty, with frequent free offerings of recipes and blends, as well as an ever-expanding line of self-care products. With few, carefully selected ingredients – mostly organic and always vegan – Talula is an invitation to simplify and slow down, to allow a healthful synergy with nature to reveal the natural beauty within. 

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skincare, simplified.

Talula Body Bar is for people looking to slow down and simplify, wanting only pure and clean products with a light footprint on their skin and body. For those seeking minimalism and a greater connection to the earth, Talula uses very few – carefully selected – ingredients that are mostly organic (and always vegan), for products that reflect a mindful, eco-friendly and non-harming way of life.

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