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Signature SCENTSibilities

Signature SCENTSibilities

Design your own signature scent using 100% natural essential oils


This illustrated guide with recipes profiles of 30 plant species and the energetic profile of each one’s essential oil, to break down how you can create your own “signature scent” for yourself or a loved one. Design a perfume that has as much meaning as it does aromatic beauty!


With profiles of 30 botanicals – including citrus, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, resins and barks – you'll learn what inherent energies lie within these treasured plants via their rare and treasured protective oils that we call "essential oils".


With recipes to both enhance and balance your own energy, this book will set you up to explore and create your own Signature Scent. You'll learn how to make a liquid, solid and oil-based natural perfume right in your kitchen using only the power of essential oils.

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